Entrance to adulthood/Wejście w dorosłość [ENG][POL]

[ENG] Next step in human life is entrance to adulthood.  Slavic tradition tradition name it postriziny. While most of the burden of organizing the rites and customs of ancient Slavs lay democratically at all, regardless of gender, postriziny they concerned only boys. When the young man ended 12 years of age (some sources say the … Continue reading Entrance to adulthood/Wejście w dorosłość [ENG][POL]


Legend about Lech, Czech and Rus/O Lechu, Czechu i Rusie [ENG][POL]

[ENG] The bonds between different Slavic nations, about the beginnings of the Polish state and on the origin of our national colors, emblem and the first capital of our country says one of the oldest Polish legend about three brothers Lech, Czech and Rus. Centuries ago, when the land between the two great rivers, the … Continue reading Legend about Lech, Czech and Rus/O Lechu, Czechu i Rusie [ENG][POL]

Series: Legends/Seria: Legendy[ENG] [POL]

[ENG] Today I want to introduce third series on blog. I decided to tell you about polish and carpathian legends. From now on Mondays I'm going to tell you about legends and folklore stories, on Wednesdays I'm going to publish next parts of series Circle of Life and in Thursdays or Fridays I'm going to talk about the upcoming … Continue reading Series: Legends/Seria: Legendy[ENG] [POL]

Birth time-symbols/Narodziny-Symbole [POLl][ENG]

[ENG] It was believed that a woman during pregnancy and childbirth is a time of transition because she isn't mother in 100% yet. Consequently, many evil beings could endanger her and the baby. In order to defend themselves used many symbols. The most important of them: Threshold cottage-symbolic boundary between what is known and safety and … Continue reading Birth time-symbols/Narodziny-Symbole [POLl][ENG]

Series: Circle of life/Seria: Krąg życia [ENG][POL]

http://www.kanaan-kz.pl/images/rado-z-ycia.jpg [ENG] By next weeks I will tell you about the most important events during human lifetime: birth, intiation during symbolic entrance to adulthood, engagement, marriage, death. Explain customs and habits connected with each. I will base on old slavic customs, but also on polish, especially from south part od Poland. [POL] Przez nastęne tygodnie … Continue reading Series: Circle of life/Seria: Krąg życia [ENG][POL]

Valentine Day’s/Walentynki [ENG][POL]

[ENG] Annual feast of love, 14th of february. Name come from  Saint Valentine due to a combination folk customs, folklore and legends he was considered a defense against severe disease (especially mental, nervous and epilepsy). In the United States, England and in Poland was considered the saint patron of lovers. Despite the Catholic patron of … Continue reading Valentine Day’s/Walentynki [ENG][POL]